Covid Tongue

What Does Covid Tongue Mean & How is it Treated?

What is Covid Tongue?

Symptoms arise on the tongue due to the Covid-19 infection which comprises ulcers, swelling, and inflammation. Overall, you can say tongue with these signs is recognized as the covid tongue. Those with covid tongue may notice their tongue to be white and irregular or may sense it being red and inflamed. Occasionally there are collisions or ulcers on the tongue. There is also a high chance of loss of taste and burning sensation in the mouth.

In Covid-19 along with covid tongue being one symptom other signs such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, and pain also exist. There is research done on the covid tongue to get whether this special condition is an initial warning of or symptoms of COVID-19 Infection.

In 2021, research was done which is recognized the covid tongue as a COVID-19 symptom. There are also limited cases reports that documented covid tongue but more evidence is required on this symptom.

Many people with covid-19 have slight to mild symptoms and the tongue symptoms are not seen happening in all.

Factors that Lead to Covid Tongue

There can be numerous probable reasons of the covid tongue. Variations in the tongue is also common in other infections and illness.

Covid tongue can be a symptom of dissimilar infective bacteria or viral infections as it is. The reason behind its existence is as given below:

  • A huge number of ACE receptors on the tongue. ACE receptors are the proteins existing in the cells of the body. When the covid-19 virus goes in these receptors, it gets into the cells as well. This is why covid-19 infection further leads to swelling on the tongue.
  • As the immune system is fighting in contradiction of any bacterial or viral infection, it may lead to swelling all over the body and this would include tongue swelling as well.
  • Oral thrush is a fungal infection that can affect from numerous infections and this might include mouth ulcers and other symptoms. Covid-19 can also be accountable for this infection.
  • Covid-19 infection can diminish the emissions of salivary glands and lead to a dry mouth. Study shows that a dry mouth can be a reason of numerous oral health concerns.
  • Covid-19 infection can trigger additional viruses in the human body, which might comprise the herpes simplex virus. It stays dormant in the body even when no symptom is seen. Covid-19 activates it to cause mouth ulcers.

Covid tongue could be a consequence of any of the above-mentioned aspects or a grouping of two. It can also occasionally outcome due to the treatment intricate in covid-19 which is none other than the breathing tubes and other treatments.

According to the report, overall 11 percent of people who were hospitalized with covid-19 contagion were seen suffering from the covid tongue.

Treatment for Covid Tongue

There is no such specific treatment for the covid tongue. No matter what is involved in the covid-19 treatment may help the covid tongue. If the treatment does not progress the covid tongue or when the covid tongue is severe, detailed treatment might be required which may consist of:

  • Corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories may aid in bringing down swelling
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal mouth rinses
  • Artificial saliva mouth rinse that may combat dry mouth and promote tongue healing.
  • Low-level laser therapy

The treatment of swollen tongue may be planned to lessen swelling and uneasiness. Treatment may also be given to treat the primary condition which may be triggering the tongue symptoms.

A swollen tongue can occasionally be a medical emergency as it may block the route. So, if you feel the tongue is swelling, never neglect it immediately consult a doctor.

Covid Tongue
Covid Tongue

What is Geographic Tongue?

Geographic tongue is an outcome of the viral contagion. It leads to small, smooth, red patches with white borders on the tongue, which may last for several months or even years though it may not origin any health issues but may make it problematic to eat spicy foods.

Till now there are no such clarification about the geographical tongue is due to covid-19 or not.

People with covid-19 may find bumps, white patches, or swelling on their tongues. Covid-19 is a pandemic and highly infectious virus. If any of its symptoms are noted immediately consult a doctor for necessary treatment.

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