Does Cancer Treatment Depend on Your Age

Does Cancer Treatment Depend on Your Age?

No doubt from years still it has been a discussion intense about whether cancer treatment requires to be tailored conferring to the age of patient.

Though there has no such clear suggestion until now on whether people with cancer should treated in a different way depending on their age. A novel research program at the Ohio State University has now initiated regulating their procedure for cancer treatment based on a person’s life age. But does cancer treatment actually depend on your age? Let’s know more details about it.

Cancer Treatment and Your Biological Age

A special program in progress by The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in association with the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute is concentrating on evaluating the mental and physical fitness of aging cancer patients and modify their treatment procedure consequently.

This study is known as FITNESS, this special project has been premeditated to perceive if the overall physical and mental comfort and fitness of older cancer patients have any consequence on clinical resu