National Puppy Day

Read About National Puppy Day 2022

Are you excited to celebrate the big event of National Puppy Day 2022 on 23rd March? If yes, then how you are preparing for your puppy? Here in this post, we will know everything about national puppy day and its history.

Puppies are cute and innocent and we all love our puppies very much. If you are a dog enthusiast then you must know how unconditional you love your dog and how the puppy is one of your best friends of you. No doubt, we all have soft corners towards our puppies and that’s the reason it’s your responsibility to spread the awareness of National Puppy Day all over the world.

When is National Puppy Day 2022?

National Puppy Day
National Puppy Day

The whole world is going to celebrate National Puppy Day on 23rd March 2022 for all the cutest and most adorable puppies which usually brings loads of happiness among puppy lovers.

History of National Puppy Day

Originator, Colleen Paige’s job is to aid electrify the public to identify the number of dogs that need to be salvaged very year. It’s also an exceptional prospect to show off your puppy’s supermodel along with extra hugs for all the entertainment and rejoice they bring to us. So, sit back and pamper in the boundless stream of delightful puppy photos, but remember that this is the day which will be the best day to bring a cute puppy to your home as your own puppy.

In 2004, First Colleen Paige carried adoption consciousness to a worldwide level with National Dog Day, which was later adopted by the New York State Legislature in 2013. This day is celebrated on 26th August and is the day Colleen adopted her first dog, “Sheltie” when she was just 10 years old.

From that day, Colleen has encouraged numbers of people with her sympathy and has carried universal courtesy to animals in need. She described the importance of dog in our regular life as they protect us and one of the best friends of human.

National Puppy Day and National Dog Day are now prodigious occasions to adopt a cute dog because somewhere to stay naturally have the uppermost intake of dogs around summer.

With 30 to 40 animals inflowing the shelter daily, we need huge community support to assist and save lives, and these national holidays can definitely help to do so by inspiring and prompting people to adopt, contribute, and love their animals more every year.

National Puppy Day Dates

Year Date Day
2022 23rd March Wednesday
2023 23rd March Thursday
2024 23rd March Saturday
2025 23rd March Sunday
2026 23rd March Monday

How you can celebrate National Puppy DAY 2022?

You must celebrate the special National Puppy Day with your dog and try to make this day special. There are several ways you can celebrate this special event. Here we are going to mention 3 among them.

Teach new activities to your puppy

You can always train your puppy at a very young age so that they can easily adapt and learn things quickly. On National puppy day, you must teach your cute puppy any good skill or trick. Activities related to social skills or strengthening companionship skills always enhance your dog’s capability to become a super dog. Yes, don’t forget to teach them with extra treats because puppies just love treats.

Pamper your puppy

You can groom your puppy in the special day of National Puppy Day. Go for a spa treatment and gave a bubble bath to your puppy along with an extra belly rub which will refresh your puppy for sure.

Watch and enjoy photos and videos of adorable puppies

Puppies are adorable and we all love to see some of the best memories with our adorable puppy. So on this special day, you can rewind by watching all the saved photographs of you and your puppy which will give you the best feelings for sure.


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