Endometrial Cancer

Early Warning Signs of Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer, repeatedly stated to as uterine cancer is a special kind of cancer affecting the internal lining cells of the uterus of a woman. The inner epithelial tissue layer and the mucous membrane be made up of the endometrium of the uterus.

According to the data acknowledged from knowledgeable sources clarifies that more than 382,000 cases of recently diagnosed endometrial cancer and almost 90,000 cases of demise due to the identical emerged in 2018 alone.

The best thing is nowadays the doctors know the treatment procedures reinforced with innovative and advanced devices and drugs. The successful role of taking instant steps when antagonized with initial signs of endometrial cancer drives certain in its treatment.

Let’s first know the stages of endometrial cancer and the early signs of endometrial cancer. When it comes to the stages of this kind of cancer it may be five different and the sign also depends on the stages of the cancer. Are you Confused? Let’s clarify it with a brief discussion.

Stages of Endometrial Cancer

There are five stages through which cancerous cells make their growth.

  • Stage 0 of endometrial cancer is the state of the cancerous cell diagnosed at their point of source; the lining deprived of upsetting the adjoining cells. Initial symptoms may aid the medical professional detect cancer and seek out instant medical intervention.
  • Stage 1 signifies the dispersion of the cancerous cells from the lining to the myometrium.
  • Stage 2 means the cervix got affected too.
  • When the vagina or a lymph node is diagnosed with cancer it enters Stage 3.
  • Stage 4 starts when the spread endures and it reaches the intestine, bones, liver, or lungs.

If primary signs of endometrial cancer go undiagnosed, it may blow out to several parts including the vagina, intestine, and rectum while putting the life of the patient at stake.

Early Warning Signs of Endometrial Cancer

Like most other diseases and medical conditions, endometrial cancer also derives from initial warning signs. While endometrial cancer is the most common cancer affecting the uterus, uterine sarcoma found in the muscles of the uterus remains less common. There are certain signs and symptoms of endometrial cancer which need compulsory medical care. Unless otherwise diagnosed, the early signs of endometrial cancer may comprise the following.

  • Intermittent cases of bleeding between periods and during post-menopausal life.
  • Due to the position of the uterus, women often feel the pelvic region become unusually weighty while causing them pain and distress.
  • The pain felt in the pelvic region frequently upsurges during sexual intercourse.
  • Occurrences of feeling pain during urinating are not very rare.
  • Accidental loss of body weight or abruptly noticed a sharp fall in the body weight.
  • A feeling of utter fatigue endures through most of the hour of the day.
  • There is a decent number of examples of nausea as one of the initial signs of endometrial cancer.
  • Pain may permeate through numerous parts together with the pelvic region and legs.

    Endometrial Cancer
    Endometrial Cancer

Risk Factors

Factors that upsurge the risk of endometrial cancer are like

Never having been pregnant

If you never have been pregnant then there is a high risk of endometrial cancer than someone who at least once got pregnant.


If you have obesity issue then there is a high risk of endometrial cancer. The main reason behind it is excess body fat usually imbalance the hormones of your body.

Older age

The risk of endometrial cancer is more in case of older age women.

More years of menstruation

Early age mensuration can be another main reason which can enhance the risk factor of mensuration. Overall, you can say the more periods you have had, the more possibility of endometrium cancer.


To reduce the risk of endometrial cancer you can follow these under given three points which are like

  • Considering taking birth control pills at least one year may reduce endometrial cancer but remember to take the pill under the consultant of a doctor.
  •  Maintain a healthy weight which definitely reduces the risk factor of reducing endometrial cancer.
  • Consult your doctor regarding the risks of hormone therapy after menopause.


No doubt the death rate because of cancer is huge and most of the time the patient gets detected at stage 3 or beyond. So, it’s crucial to detect cancer at an early stage to save the life of any patient The initial warning signs, above-mentioned, may help an important role in permitting the detection of endometrial cancer at a very initial stage.

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